Central Vapeur 8

From 15 to 25/03/2018 in Strasbourg

The festival treacherously organises a British invasion in 2018, before Brexit complicates things. It starts with an eccentric Drawing Dialogue à trois, with an Englishman from Scotland, Marcus Oakley. This exhibition, on Thursday 15th March, will bring to a close a day of events marking the start of the Rencontres de l’Illustration in Strasbourg.
It continues with an exhibition by Peter Allen, the most British of illustrators from Nancy, a Pro session in partnership with the Association Of Illustrators, and our annual salon bringing together international illustrators like Nobrow, the collective Nous Vous or Alex Norris, the crème de la crème of internet’s (self) publishers. Oh No!
Vincent Vanoli will be making a return to his years spent in Britain in an exhibition at the ESPE library, whilst local college and high school students in Alsace will be participating in our postcard contest, “So British?”  run by the Academy of Strasbourg, Topo magazine and Central Vapeur, that will be on view inside the salon.
It’s the first time that the festival will take place in the city centre at the Salle de la Bourse where we will be welcoming our danish counterparts CPH Zinfest from Copenhagen, as well as the universal minimalist Jose Parrondo and Le Dernier Cri who will be presenting recent graphic works at AEDAEN gallery together with Juliette Etrivert. Equally, there will be an exhibition of Sandrine Thommen’s children’s illustration, of Adrià Fruitos’ editorial illustration, exhibitions by the collectives: CALC, Mökki, L’Ennui… and Diamonds will be Forever at the last stand opening of Fabio Viscogliosi & Loca Retraite’s exhibition. Gourmets won’t want to miss Friday’s Battlestar, with guests from far, far away nor will connoisseurs miss the show of entries from our recent beer label illustration contest (until January 4, 2018).


Programming in progress:

Exhibition of recent illustration work by the collective Mökki: from 01/03 to 01/04 (except Sunday), opening on the 29/03 at 8pm / Troc’afé
Exhibition of mixed media pieces by Juliette Etrivert: from 15/03 to 31/03 (Wed-sun), opening on 22/03 at 7pm / Aedaen
Exhibition of graphic works by  Dernier Cri: from 15/03 to 31/03 (Wed-sun), opening on 22/03 at 7pm / Aedaen
Focus éditions from Papier Gâchette: from 15/03 to 25/03 Quai des Brumes
Exhibition centred on two graphic novels by Vincent Vanoli: from 15/03 to 06/04, opening on the 15th at 1pm / Bibliothèque de l’ESPE (with the Strasbourg University Library)
Exhibition of drawings resulting from the Dialogue de Dessins between MARCUS OAKLEY, ROXANE LUMERET and ZAD COQUART: from 15/03 to 25/03, opening on 15/03 at 9pm / Shadok
Exhibition CALC Review / What the Cake
Big budget performance and special effects _ Battlestar V: 16/03 at 8:30 pm / Étoile Saint-Exupéry cinema
Exhibition of children’s illustration by Sandrine Thommen / Arachnima
Exhibition of graphic works by Peter Allen / from 1/03 to 31/3 / Curieux?
Exhibition of editorial illustration by ADRIÀ FRUITOS: from 15/03 to 31/03 / Continuum
Exhibition of recent work by Luca Retraite and Fabio Viscogliosi: from 15/03 to 25/03 (by appointment), opening on 24/03 at 9pm / Socopof-Diamant D’Or

SALON CENTRAL VAPEUR 8 / Salle de la Bourse
opening hours:
Fri 23/03: 6-10 pm
Sat 24/03: 11am-8pm
Sun 25/03: 11am-7pm

Thirty small presses and independent publishers, local or major indie comics, sopranos of children’s books or screen printers, invited by us as if we were curating an exhibition. Bring your own refreshments or have a drink at the bar, look on from the circle or get down in the pit, take your chance in the Guess the Weight competition or participate in a workshop… Stay for the party after, an evening of concerts and djs awaits you.
A big welcome to: Breakdown Press, Nous Vous, Dominic Kesterton, Alex Norris, Nobrow, Jose Parrondo, CPH Zinefest, Cambourakis, Fotokino, Les Grandes Personnes, Flûtiste, Superloto, Le Dernier Cri, Nicole Crème, Topo, La Nef des fous, Gros Gris , La Tribune du Jelly Rodger, Robin Poma, Guy Pradel,  Mekanik Copulaire, Les Rhubarbus, Les Ombres, Celine Clément, Mi-figue Mi-raisin , Mökki, Tardigrade, Le mégot, Editions 2024, R-diffusion, Super-Chien, Art Majeur…
Intramural bookshop: Quai des Brumes
Guess the Weight of the Basket competition: 23/03 to 25/03, kilos and kilos of illustrations and printed matter to be won, the lucky winner will be announced on Sunday 25th at 6:30pm.
Exhibition: a selection of the best postcards from the “So British!” competition organised with Strasbourg Academy’s DAAC and Topo magazine.
Story Time: animated by Juliette Pelletier.
Workshops: drawing with the CALC crew…
Discussions: with associations, agents, festival organisers, teachers, researchers and artists even !