Bibliothèques idéales 2013

September, 22nd and 24th 2013 in Strasbourg

Central Vapeur is back to Bibliothèques Idéales. Three of the literary gatherings at l’Aubette are illustrated by Claire Perret, Aurélien Cantou, Violaine Leroy and Amandine Laprun.

This year the number of illustrated literary gatherings is reduced (only three) but the artists are better paid for drawing (it counts).Au programme:


Sunday 22nd
2 pm: Claire Perret / Aimé Césaire
6:30 pm: Amandine Laprun and Violaine Leroy / Aragon

Tuesday 24th
5:00 pm: Aurélien Cantou / Yasmina Khadra

For this event Central Vapeur is not planning anything but there are several things to see:
Saturday 21st at 3:30 pm: 2024 editions organize a meeting with Guillaume Chauchat who just published Il se passe des choses and with Guillaume Dégé for his alphabet/pictures book Vulu at the bookstore Quai des Brumes  
Thursday 19th at 6:30 pm: in partnership with FEFFS (Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival), let’s give way to the new wave of fantastic comics with Eric Powell whose drawings of The Goon are exhibited at l’Aubette.
Friday 20th at 6:30 pm: Again with FEFFS at l’Aubette, meeting and exhibition of Michel Landi’s works, poster designer of around 1500 movies (such as Harem, or the French version of The Searchers or The Fog by Carpenter), from the time of lithography to the modern times of offset printing.

Bibliothèques Idéales, until September 29th in Strasbourg.