Drawings dialogue 3: Jean Lecointre – Icinori

After Killoffer – Anouk Ricard and Nicolas Mahler – Étienne Chaize, a new exhibition of a drawn and contrasted dialogue.

Opening night at Hall des Chars on December, 6th starting at 6 pm
Open on Friday: 6-10 pm on Sturday: 3-8 pm on Sunday: 3-8 pm

Jean Lecointre

Born in 1964 and specialized in digital collage, he was one of Roman Cieslewicz’s students. His inspiration comes from the dissection of old papers (fashion magazines, newspapers, photo stories). He is the author of La Balançoire de Plasma with the scenarist Pierre La Police published in the magazine Liberation. In 2003, Jean Lecointre works on animation movies Turkish Delights, and in Children’s book edition at Thierry Magnier editions. In 2010 Cornélius edition published a monograph about him Greenwich, produced by Arts Factory.


This enfant terrible of edition in Strasbourg was created in 2008 by the duo Raphaël Urwiller and Mayumi Otero. Working alone or together, they are very appreciated by the national or international press, by collectors of little objects printed with a risograph, sophisticated popup books, silk-screen printed concert posters (for Panimix, Lieu Unique or even Rock-en-Seine).
They stroke a serious blow with Issun Bôchi published in September by Actes Sud junior.

In partnership with Arts Factory which will decline the exhibition Péchés Chapiteaux from December, 10th to 22nd, in the gallery of 27 rue de Charonne in Paris