La Négo pour les nuls

The collective GRILL has released a guide for negociating with publishers, the 1st version is online. What!? GRILL’s not dead?

Yes, this association for illustrators in Alsace and elsewhere was dissolved in April 2014, mainly due to a lack of funds. Dynamism and skills were the main components of GRILL. As a proof: this publication wouldn’t be accomplished without energy and belief after the end of the association by Lucie Brunellière, Marion Duval,  Agathe Demois (graphism) et Alexandra Pichard (illustration).

You can now buy the book on our  shop here.

Coming soon:

Central Vapeur and the four authors of La Négo pour les nuls consider editing a book of an updated version of the guide. Nothing surprising, since we will continue in March some of GRILL’s missions with their most active volunteers.
It will be called Central Vapeur PRO and it will be for all: illustrator (professionals or students), from Children’s books to avant-garde graphism, people whose creations may one day be exhibited by Central Vapeur or even those whose works are at the opposite of our artistic direction.

La Négo pour les nuls:

You are illustrator, you want to negociate your contracts but you don’t know how?
La Négo pour les nuls is a tool made for you.
It reminds you of the stakes and benefits of negociating, gives you answers to the psychological barriers in the chapter “14 mauvaises raisons de ne pas négocier”.
It helps you and guides you to understand your contracts step by step from the first phone call to the discussion about the terms of the contract with precise informations and explanations, tricks, advices and solid arguments.
In the “petit ping-pong verbal” it offers you many answers to reply to editors’ destabilizing arguments.
This guide is humoristic and doesn’t look down on you. In a word, it will become your best friend.