Post Scriptum Toulouse

From September, 11th to October, 19th 2014 in Toulouse

Our exhibition of the postcards exchange between Idélébile and Central Vapeur will be hosted in Toulouse.

After the Indélébile festival and the exhibition in Strasbourg last April, Post Scriptum is back at la Médiathèque José Cabanis in Toulouse.
On this occasion, a dozen of illustrators have created stamps in A3 size printed with a risograph.

A word from Indélébile:

The public is also invited to play with the notions of correspondance and exchange, to write and draw postcards, write notes or hang pictures on the walls and even send paper planes…
Round table and opening night of the exhibition on September, 16th at 6 pm at Grand Auditorium of Médiathèque José Cabanis.

Round table & opening night of the exhibition: On Tuesday, September 16th at 6 pm at Grand Auditorium of Médiathèque José Cabanis

From the best sellers to the most unknown fanzine, comics is a field which includes various artistic and economic realities. What if they were all not the same object or from the same continent?
The association Indélébile and Médiathèque José Cabanis propose to forget all your favorite and famous comics heroes and to discover what is (badly) known as « independent comics »
We will try to draw its artistical, economical and political outlines through the eyes and experiences of every character who define this world (editors, authors, booksellers, institutions) in the presence of Central Vapeur’s and Indélébile’s members, editors (les Requins Marteaux, Hootchie Cootchie, Misma), booksellers (Terre de Légende) and Yanick Vacher of CRL Midi Pyrénées.
The meeting will be lead by Camille Escoubet (Imprimerie Trace, Super Loto edition) and once the world of images and edition has no more secrets to you, let’s have some drinks and snacks.