Sur la piste de Daniel Boone

From January, 29th to February 8th 2015 in Kingersheim (68)

The collective exhibition inspired by Rojankovsky to be discovered during the Momix festival at Créa in Kingersheim.

Central Vapeur proposed to nine illustrators from Strasbourg to create a graphic adaptation of Daniel Boone : the adventures of an American hunter among American Indians, illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky and published in 1931 by Domino Press. The works presented here trace the adventures of a legendary American pioneer, alternately hunter, explorer, scout and soldier from his birth in Pennsylvania in 1734 until his lonely retirement in te wild Missouri.

The public browses the exhibition as in a deployed book, following the narration of the original work. Each illustrator was given a double page (or the cover) of Daniel Boone, and produced a personal interpretation. Then, the drawings were silk-screen printed in 4 colors (red, blue, yellow and black) to remain faithful to Feodor Rojankovsky’s lithographies.
Throughout the story and the illustrations, different styles and points of view meet, contrast or look alike. It is a tribute to Feodor Rojankovsky’s talent, to his use of the color and to his formal modernity. The text of the book is not included into the exposed illustrations. It has been rewritten on separate booklets and can be read in parallel for a (re)discover of the story of Daniel Boone. The original book is presented under glass while the new editions are freely available for consultation.

For budding artists who want to take part their way to this project and to keep a souvenir of this exhibition: a small workshop will be provided with inking pads made by illustrators and blank cards from the US.

The artists:

Adrien Coquart, born in 1988, he learnt illustration at the Lycée Corvisart high school in Paris, then at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) in Strasbourg. He co-founded the magazine Psoriasis about pictures and comics.
Céline Delabre, born in 1980, she spends her time between writing and engraving, drawing and cutting. She studied at l’École Supérieure de l’image in Angoulême and at the Arts Décoratifs school (HEAR) in Strasbourg.
Filex, born in 1986, he learnt illustrationat the Lycée Corvisart in Paris. He co-founded the fanzine DuCrak and founded LaCorde, a magazine about comics located in Strasbourg.
Vincent Godeau, born in 1986, he studied graphism at the Arts Décoratifs school (HEAR) in Strasbourg. He works as an illustrator for press and cultural communication. His latest book, La Grande Traversée drawn with Agathe Demois, was published in 2014 by Seuil editions.
Anne Hemstege, born in 1982, she learnt engraving at École Estienne in Paris and studied illustrationat the Arts Décoratifs school (HEAR) in Strasbourg. Since she graduated, she works as an illustrator for Children’s book editions.
Laurent Moreau, born in 1982, he is author and illustrator forChildren’s book editions. He also works for press and creates regularly posters and cultural programs. He currently works on a book of masks which will be published in 2015 by Hélium editions.
Guy Pradel, born in 1988, he studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Clermont-Ferrand and at the HEAR in Strasbourg. He is member of the collective Fourbi Éditions which publishes a cutting fanzine: Super Fourbi.
Rémi Saillard, born in 1960, he studied at the Arts Décoratifs school (HEAR) in Strasbourg from 1982 to 1986. He works now for press and Children’s book edition.
Anne Zeum, born in 1992, she is in her 5th year of studies in the illustration section at the HEAR after a 2 years diploma of Graphic Design at the Duperré school in Paris. In 2014, she makes limited edition publications.