Wanted ! 24h illustration #3

We are looking for 3 candidates for the 3rd edition of 24h de l’illustration.

The next 24h de l’illustration will take place the 11th & 12th of june at the Shadok from 1:00 PM to 1:00 PM.
The participants and restraints have been choose with the collective Inuit from Bologna.
For now guests are: Cristina Amodeo, Hicham Amrani, Nicolas André, William Binta, Lucie Deroin, Léa Djéziri, Paul Dorsi, La Came, Amandine Laprun, Anne Laval, Juliette Léveillée, Simon Liberman, Alice Meteigner, Claire Perret, Rita Petruccioli,   Viola Niccolai, Elisa Talentino, Jennifer Yerkes…

There is still left three places open to any illustrator who would join us. If your’e not coming from Strasbourg , we could find you a place to spleep but please note that we could not refund your other fees. It’s up to you.
You can apply there till the 24th of april. Our Artistic Direction will choose the successful candidates and announce them here the 30th of april.

And the winners are: Hicham Amrani, Léa Djeziri and Alice Meteigner.