Central Vapeur is an association of professionnals concerned by the future of illustration and comics in Strasbourg and it’s region.
It is mostly constituted by publishing collectives (from Alsace or not anymore), independent authors and also professionnals from other cultural sectors.

Through the organization of cultural events and the creation of a professionnal subsidiary, Central Vapeur is involved with the existing institutions in the developpment of illustration.

On the artistic side: Since everybody is likely to appeal it (member of the association or not), it intends to have a coherent and rigorous look upon the art which it defends. The form may be popular or totally experimental, they are closely examinated by the artistic direction, strongly rejecting the idea that “everything is equal”.
Central Vapeur doesn’t hesitate to show here  the national or European productions, to defend the quality of local creations and to help in their identification.

On the professionnal side: Its services are open to all creators without any distinction and whatever the nature of their productions. They are accessible since march 2015 for subscribers under the name of Central Vapeur PRO.


How it works:

Friendly members : Membership fee: 8€ =  Discount for Central Vapeur’s events and for published items (no books), silk-screen printed membership card and all our consideration.
Benefactors : 40€ minimum = same as above + a Central Vapeur poster.
Active membres : Membership fee submitted to the bureau (8€) according to your commitment = Right to make décisions, sweat, blood and tears.

Subscribe to Central Vapeur here

Manager : Fabien Texier
Manager for the professionnal subsidiary : Amandine Laprun
Counsellor for the professionnal subsidiary : Grégory Jérôme
Animation, gaming, mediation: Marie Canova

President : Amélie DUFOUR
Vice-President & Secretary :  Violaine LEROY
Treasurer : Lucie DEROIN(Professionnalization)
Adviser : Guy Pradel

Volunteers leaders :

Stage managers : Amélie Dufour, Lucie Deroin, (gun for hire: Elsa Plaza)
Graphic design:
Jennifer Yerkes, Emmanuel Somot,
Signage :
Marie Sécher
Web :
Isabelle Mainier
Printing, publishing :
Pierre Faedi
Chef de bar & cuisine:
Maud Legrand, Hélène Bléhaut, Adrien Weber
Guests salon et 24h :
Tom Vaillant, Clémence Ferrando
Animation, gaming :
Theory, conferences : Benjamin Caraco, Frédéric Verry
Relationships with HEAR students : Adrien Weber, Tom Vaillant
Artistic Direction  24h de l’illustration:
Anne Laval, Violaine Leroy

Artistic Direction : Eloise Rey, Anne Laval, Célia Housset, Pierre Faedi, Guy Pradel, Fabien Texier
Comité CV PRO: Violaine Leroy, Marion Duval, Guy Pradel,  Amandine Laprun
Tumblr 24h illus: Violaine Leroy
(some) Translations:
Peter Allen


Hall of Fame:

1st President: Simon Liberman
1st Stage manager: Olivier Bron
1st Secretary: Violaine Leroy
1st Website: Raphael Urwiller (ex-Artistic Director)
1st Administrator/Manager: Etienne Hunsinger
1st silk-screen printer: Bastien Massot
1st pink short: Benoît de Coco/Eugène Riousse (ex-Artistic Director)
1st Head Chef: Juliette Léveillé
1st assistant: Laura Schneider
1st bouncer & relationships with HEAR students: Amélie Patin