Illustration Contest – Central Bank

Untill the 16th of november 2015

It’s official: the theme for the fith annual Central Vapeur festival’s Illustration Contest is… (german drum roll… or greek flute music)… Central Bank.

All candidatures, techniques and interpretations will be accepted, as long as the rules are respected.

A professionally dishonest  jury will choose the winner. Technical prowess and beauty are only two of many possible reasons for their eventual choice. Aside from sheer laziness, there is no reason not to enter this contest, and not to believe that you, too, may win.

The first prize is a 200€ coupon for one of several Strasbourg bookstores. If the jury feels so inclined, a second, 50€ coupon may also be awarded.

Theme: Central Bank
Format and medium: A4 size standard paper for home printers. 80g maximum.
Technique: Any and all techniques are acceptable, as long as the format and medium above are respected.
Due date: 16 November 2015 (date as per postmark)

Please send by postal service only to:
Pôle Rotonde
Central Vapeur
2B route d’Oberhausbergen
67200 Strasbourg

Anybody of any age is invited to participate.
To enter the competition, please fill out the form below and send it in the envelope with your illustration.
The jury will select a number of the entries to be shown at the festival and on their website.
The award ceremony will be held at the Hall des Chars on 13 December 2015. If the winner cannot attend the ceremony, the gift certificate will be be sent to him or her by mail.

The illustrations will not be returned.

Massif Central Illustration Competition entry form:

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Postal code:
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