©Anne-Margot Ramstein

21 – 31 march

wed thu 02-07PM + fri 02-10PM + sat 10AM-07PM + sun 11AM-06PM

dialoGue de dessins9

anne-marGot ramstein + BlutcH

au sHadok presQu’Île malrauX
tram c+e : cHurcHill

opening night 29 march 06:30PM

A long-awaited dialogue between one of the greatest cartoonists in the world, from Strasbourg, and a rising star of European illustration recently installed in the capital of Grand Est. 110 drawings of each artist constitute as a dreamlike pictorial correspondence where their obsessions, the course of their life can take the form of very bitten loves. An exhibition for desensitized public.
See also in shadoK : the exhibition of  Mille au Carré.


Born in 1967 in Strasbourg, a graduate of the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, Christian Hincker makes comics as some jazz, composing his own recipes from variations. After having started in journals as different as Fluid Glacial or Lapin, he collaborated with many publishing houses, the press is found in Libération, the Inrockuptibles and The New Yorker. An autobiographical humorous comic, sarcastic parable, reinterpretations of comics or cinema, youth illustration or adult drawing, Blutch has established himself as a world master, attracting many followers. He is currently working on a Tif and Tondu in the course of publication, and after having animated the Alsace stand in Saint Amour de Kervern and Délépine, he played the father of Bruno Podalydès’ Bécassine.

His work has been awarded multiple prizes, including the Grand Prix of the City of Angoulême (FiBD 2009), l’Essentiel 2009, l’Alph’art of humour en 2000, and the International Töpffer Prize (Genève), for Vitesse Moderne en 2002.

BIBLIOGRAPHIE SELECTIVE Péplum (Cornélius), La Présidente (l’Association), Mitchum (Cornélius), Le Petit Christian (l’Association), Blotch (Fluide Glacial), total Jazz (le Seuil), La Volupté (Futuropolis), Pour en finir avec le cinéma (Dargaud), Variations (Dargaud), Pétrone Blutch (Barbier), Un autre paysage (Dargaud).

anne-marGot ramstein

Born in 1984 in Saint-Denis (Reunion), graduated from the School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg (HeAR) in 2009, Anne-Margot Ramstein is an illustrator and cartoonist. published in her debut in the magazine Belles illustrations, she works with her companion Matthias Arégui or solo. Several of her youth albums are published by Editions Albin Michel, she also collaborates with Le Monde, Libération, magazines like Dada, XXI, Le Tigre. Her remarkable style made her the first resident illustrator of the Académie de France in Rome – Villa Medici in 2015 and 2016. In 2015, her work was rewarded with the Ragazzi Award at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. one of the most important European illustration awards, in the non fiction category for Avant Après (with Matthias Arégui).

BIBLIOGRAPHIE SELECTIVE ABC des tracas, Avant Après, Dedans Dehors, avec M. Arégui, En forme (Albin Michel), Faune et Flore (les Grandes personnes), Otto (2024).

21 – 31 march

anne laval

quai des bateliers dans la rue
tram a+d : porte de l’hôpital

Born in 1979 in Tahiti, graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 2005, Anne Laval draws for publishing, press and communication. She works with the Rouergue, Actes Sud or Gallimard as well as with the magazines New Yorker, XXI, CUT or Télérama. Together with Violaine Leroy, she founded the association Les Rhubarbus in 2005, which organizes original collective exhibitions. His first personal album, Le Nombril du monde, was published by the Rouergue editions in October 2017.
20 poster size illustrations in 10 billboards in the street Quai des batelier. La Belle échappée is an exhibition inaugurated in November 2018 during the comic strip festival in Colomiers. It is conceived as an unforeseen detour in the city, an invitation to travel, through vast landscapes drawn with colored pencils and gouache. These illustrations, inhabited by tiny travelers, remind us that the apparent simplicity of an image also reveals details that transport us.

21 – 31 march

(wed – sun) 02-06PM

antoine maillard, caliFornia noir

ceaac 7 rue de l’abreuvoir
tram c+e+f : université

opening night 28 march 07PM

Born in 1989 in Villeneuve-Saint-George, graduated from EESI Angoulême in 2013 and HeAR in 2015, Antoine Maillard is an illustrator and author of comics. Drawn in pencil and watercolor, his drawings transport the reader in atmospheres inspired by American culture and landscapes. He has worked with Requins Marteaux, L’Agrume and the press : The New Yorker, Télérama, The New York Times, La revue dessinée and XXI.

Organized on the occasion of his return from the writing residency A Room With A View, in San Francisco (oct 2018), California Noir shows how American cinema and Californian landscapes influence the work of Antoine Maillard. the comic book Slash  Them All, published in fanzines (2012- 2017), is tributary and marked by a symptomatic atmosphere of the slasher. the exhibition presents a selection of storyboard boards and original illustrations, fanzines, as well as drawings made during the residency.

23 + 30 march

les 7 arcanes de la loi BretonniQue – art maJeur + passe en proFondeur

kalt 1 rue la fayette
tram a+e : lycée couffignal

opening night 23 march 9PM

At nightfall, a great ceremony will take place and the oracles will announce the next publication of Art Majeur: The Chronicles of the Galactic Britains. Passe en Profondeur, meanwhile, will enter the field after having warmed the bench for a long time. During this great black mass of illustration, the two entities will also present their respective works. With Louka Butzbach, Paul Descamps, Thomas Simon & Elie Partouche. 10 euros before 01AM et 15 euros after 01AM.

dj set

lena willikens – 23.03

German selector, DJ and producer, resident of the Salon des Amateurs club, she was also running the broadcast Sentimental Flashback on the label Cómeme’s radio. She released her first EP on that same label in 2015, Phantom Delia. Her sets are composite, blends of eclectic tracks: tribal techno, proto-industrial, synth-pop, EBM, etc. Lena Willikens is also the first woman to produce a compilation for Dekmantel’s Selectors.

mathew jonson – 30.03

Canadian DJ and producer, based in Berlin, Mathew Jonson is the co-founder of the label Wagon Repair, and member of the Cobblestone Jazz. He also produces on Crosstown Rebels and M-Nus. He is an atypical figure of the techno scene, as he distinguishes himself by his detours through jazz, fusion or house as well as by his lives. He recently joined the label and jam sessions Circle of Live launched by Sebastien Mullaert in 2018.

21 – 31 march

eliZaBetH Holleville

quai des brumes 120 grand rue
tram a+d : langstross – grand rue

Meet the author 27 march 04PM

Born in 1988 in Nantes, graduated from the Estienne school in Paris in 2009 and the EESI from Angoulême in 2013, Elizabeth Holleville is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Strasbourg. She participated in the review La Corde between 2013 and 2015 and several issues of Biscoto. She is also the author of Lulu (La Corde rouge 2015) in 2015, Attentes (Fidèle, 2015) and L’Évolution de l’homme (Casterman, 2018).

The exhibition presents original comics from his comic book, L’Été Fantôme (Glénat, 2018), a story of a child’s holiday confronting the lives of grown-ups and supported by an unexpected friend.

21 march – 14 april
(Thu – Sun) 12AM-08PM

marie lallemand

aedaen 1 rue des aveugles
tram a+d : homme de fer

opening night  23 march 6PM

Born in 1979 in Caen, graduated from Fine Arts in her hometown in 2002 and the HEAR in Strasbourg in 2005, Marie Lallemand created scenographies: decors of carved wood, exquisite corpses statuary or assembled modules.

Her linocuts and monotypes decline different aspects of a subject – water towers, beacons at sea, pylons, mountains or icebergs. At AEDAEN, the Châteaux and Brise-Lames series of Châteaux plunge the viewer into a colorist and personal approach to mass and backlighting.

11-31 mars (sauF dim)

amandine laprun

la bouquinette 28 rue des juifs
tram c+e+f : république

rencontre 30 mars – 15h

Née en 1980 dans la Marne, diplômée de l’école Duperré de Paris en 2000 et de l’école des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (HEAR) en 2003, Amandine Laprun dessine pour l’édition jeunesse et la presse.
une sélection de tirages et de planches originales dessinées au feutre et crayon de couleur pour deux livres carrousels à manipuler chez Actes Sud Junior : Arbre (2017) et Cirque (2018). On y découvre également les originaux de deux albums à paraitre en mars 2019 : La vraie vérité sur le secret de la maîtresse (texte de Franck Prévot, Nathan) et deux titres de la collection « Mes soucis s’en vont en chanson » (texte de Anne Crahay, Albin Michel Jeunesse).

1 – 31 march (except Sun) 09AM-5PM

lea muraWiec, total anonymat

avila 69 rue des grandes arcades
salon au 2e étage
tram a+d : langstross – grand rue

vernissage le 23 mars à 19h

Born in 1994 in Paris, graduated from the EESI of Angoulême in 2018, Léa Murawiec is an illustrator, cartoonist and co-founder of the Flutiste collective. She has worked with Biscoto, the New Zealand fanzine Radio As Paper and Novland magazine. She is a member of Marsam, a collective of artists who have gravitated around Angoulême. With Indian ink, pen and brush, his dystopian graphic universe plays with offbeat humor so as not to get bogged down in a simply dramatic narrative.

du 1 – 31 march (except Sun)

mi-FiGue mi-raisin

troc’afé 8 rue du fbg de saverne
tram c : faubourg de saverne

opening night 27 march 08PM

Exhibition around a collective game-book, in silkscreen, on the theme of the city. Each page is constructed by a different illustrator-trice, like a board with which to play: dartboard, culbutos, who is it, construction … The book is staged so that the public can try all games, page after page, while discovering the illustrations that compose it.

21 march – 15 June
(mer-sam) 01-08PM

duo #04 – léa dJéZiri + matHilde cocHepin

gallery lac chez locked grooves 10 place des halles
tram a+d :ancienne synagogue – les halles

opening night 27 march 06PM

Born in 1991 in Colmar, graduated from ESAL d’Epinal (2013) and HEAR (2016). Léa Djeziri started in the youth illustration with Jasmin editions and Pourquoi pas? She has worked with several collectives including Matière Grasse and self-publishes her work under the name Part Time Drawers.

Born in 1993 in Besançon, graduated from the ESAL de Metz (2014) and the HEAR (2018), Mathilde Cochepin is an illustrator, author and ceramist. she is currently in residence Création en Cours carried by the Ateliers Médicis.

DUO proposes to discover the illustrations inspired by Léa Djéziri’s new cinéma noir and Mathilde Cochepin’s mural sculptures.


21 – 31 march (wed-sat) – SHOWCASE

Willy ténia

lisaa strasbourg 1 rue thiergarten
tram b+f : vieux marche aux vins

opening night 27 march 07PM

Silkscreen concert posters by Willy Ténia and other artists brought together by Kakakids.

Grand Est


26 February – 6 april
(Thu-sat) 02-06PM

Gianpaolo paGni

galerie modulab
28 rue mazelle

Red, yellow, green, colors fuse in the work of the Italian-Parisian artist Gianpaolo Pagni. Its creation is rich, varied: painting, drawing, installations but also communication, press, edition (references : Le Tigre, Solo ma non Troppo, Hermès, Topographie de l’art, Zoocryptage). He creates stamps that he uses as drawing tools, thus deliberately escaping the traditional gesture of the “drawer”. His work exposes a personal archeology, an ever-changing self-portrait, and amusing and / or dramatic fictions to reveal.

Boîte graphique Typo acoustique
conception et fabrication Adrien Chacon, Julien Molland 2018
production Le Signe, Centre national du graphiqme


21 march – 19 april
(mon-fri) 10AM-06PM + (sat) 02-06PM


espace my monkey
111 rue charles iii
tram 1 : division de fer

opening night 21 march 06:30PM

PPAF (Première pression à froid) carries the projects of the duo Adrien Chacon and Julien Molland whose productions come from the edition of artist’s books and graphic arts. The modulograph allows to draw with a minimum of forms a maximum of signs: letters, patterns, pictograms, figures … The Modulographe series of workshops, between figure and writing offers students of think about modular drawing tools, make them and expose the process in the gallery space.


4 march – 28 april (tue, wed, fri, sat)

le montréaler

la locomotive
4rue de la gare
ter depuis strasbourg

opening night 8 march 07PM

52 illustrators, comic book authors and visual artists as well as 10 authors propose their vision, their interpretation and their look on the metropolis to make you travel. In tribute to the famous covers of The New Yorker magazine, and on the model of The Parisianer, these creations present Montreal. In parallel to the exhibition, the media library will present a range of books to learn more about the city as well as to discover the work of participating artists.