© Frédérique Bertrand

© Manon Debaye

Postponed to 29 october – 8 november 2020


Exhibition room of the Garage Coop
Th > Su : 02:00pm – 07:00pm
Opening night 29 october 07:00pm

Two illustrators answer to each other in a serie of twenty pictures. Pastels and charcoal pencil are meeting each other like two women with strange stories.

Frédérique Bertrand starts the discussion throwing her first ball, an enigmatic portrait drawn by one charcoal pencil line. At the center of the page, the drawn woman seems to take care of an object hidden between her fingers. Manon Debaye throws back the ball with her coloured pencils and pastels. Another woman is standing up on the dark water ok a lake, surrounded by a circle of cups of wine, black mountains on the horizon. We can guess a small red object in the palm of her hand.

As more elements are added, precised or missing, we understand that there is an animistic secret to discover in this dialogue. A secret protected by those women – maybe sisters, maybe witches – who are looking us in the eyes as if they are inviting us to participate to those scenes to discover their real meaning.

Freeing themselves from their regular surroundings – children illustration for one of them, narrative projects for the other – and releasing their imagination through the drawing, Frédérique Bertrand and Manon Debaye tell us a magical story, inviting us to imagine next parts, links and rituals.


Author and illustrator born in 1969 in Épinal, Frédérique Bertrand lives and works in Nancy and teaches to the ÉSAL Épinal. She used to work with the national and international press (US, UK, Switzerland and Japan). With her animated albums series Pyjamarama, published to the Rouergue editions in collaboration with Michaël Leblond, Frédérique Bertrand makes the cutted paper alive and immerses the readers in the magic of optical illusions. Her work has been rewarded by many prizes as the Vlag & Wimpel – Stichting CPNB (NL) prize, the P’tits Mômes prize of the City of Geneva in 2013, the Illustrarte Award at the international biennial of children illustration of Barreiro (PT) in 2003, the Bologna ragazzi award in Bologna in 1999, etc.


Born in 1993 in Vitry-sur-Seine, Manon Debaye graduated from the HEAR in 2017. Illustrator and author of comic books, she lives and works in Strasbourg. In 2015, she created the micropublishing collective Mökki which published comics, illustrated books, and pictures until 2019. Manon Debaye illustrates also articles for the press. Her drawings have been exhibited in France and abroad on the occasion of several collective exhibitions. Her stories of friendship, love and loss, carried by characters struggling with their feelings, are showing the difficulties to grow up and the inexpressible pain of living. She is currently drawing a comic book, Falaise, that will be published by Sarbacane editions in 2021.

© Marion Duval

postponed to 29 october – 8 november 2020


Quai des Bateliers

This street’s exhibition presents some pictures took from the album TOI-MÊME. ?
Born in 1982 in Nancy, graduated from Estienne School and the HEAR, Marion Duval draws for the edition, press and communication. She works especially with Albin Michel, Gallimard, le Seuil or Casterman jeunesse, and with the magazines Pélerin magazine, XXI and Bayard Presse Jeunesse. She illustrates the series Lubin and Lou, the werewolves children, written by Hélène Gaudy (Gallimard) and prepares for 2021 a serie of four albums for early childhood.
The twenty illustrations of the exhibition are presented on ten billboards. They are adapted from the second personal album of Marion Duval, published by Trapèze for the Albin Michel editions in 2018. In this book, we assist to an argument between Louison and Adèle, two twin sisters, who wait together for their parents in front of the swimming pool while a summer storm seems to arrive…

© Lisa Blumen / Éditions Pratique

postponed to 2 – 3 november


Mo > Fr : 07:30am – 11:00pm / Sa + Su : 10:00am – 08:00pm

The Éditions Pratique organizes a Cluedo/exhibition !
On the programme : drawings, comics, sculptures and mystery…

© Lucie Deroin

31 october, 1+7+8 november


Sa + Su : 02:00pm – 07:00pm
Meeting with the author 4/11 from 6PM to 9PM

The illustrator Lucie Deroin lives and works in Strasbourg.
The two volumes of her children comics Robert et les copains are published by Bang ediciones from Barcelona. In the form of short and coloured stories, she tells the stories of a group of friends living in the forest : Robert the monkey, Touffik the hedgehog, Édith the frog… Come to discover a selection of research sketches, plates, and original illustrations. A mischievous universe to discover, for adults and children.

© Amina Bouajila © Clément Vuillier © Céline Le Gouail

18 march – ?? april


Postponed to CV11 (18-28 march 2021)
Mo > Sa : 10:00am – 10:00pm / Su : 02:00pm – 10:00pm

Forty micronations created by forty illustrators brought together in congress in Strasbourg to celebrate the 10th anniversary of both the festival and the Central Vapeur association.

They appear as illustrated kakemonos, spreading and gravitating around the monumental stairs that overlooks the big cupola of the Bnu. Created following colours and size constraints, those flags coexist peacefully with various graphic and technical treatments.

This is the history of the diversity of festivals, exhibitions, and events created by the Central Vapeur association which are called by those forty illustrators. Many of them studied to the HEAR and are from Strasbourg, others in Épinal or in Hungary, live in Belgium, in Italy, in Spain, in Scotland and even in Paris.

The countries they imagined are represented by blazons, emblems, colors, mental landscapes or scenes from everyday life. Some have really precise features, a very personal micronational story, others let their name speak for themselves.

With : Peter Allen, Cristina Amodeo, Liberty Azenstarck, Chloé Bertron, Lisa Blumen, Amina Bouajila, Cachete Jack, Guillaume Chauchat, Cuistax, Agathe Demois, Lucie Deroin, Nadia Diz Grana, Léa Djeziri, Amélie Dufour, Pierre Faedi, Elizabeth Holleville, Zad Kokar, Anne Laval, Marie Lallemand, Paul Lannes, Juliette Léveillé, Célia Housset, Céline Le Gouail, Violaine Leroy, Roxane Lumeret, Laurent Moreau, Nikol, Marcus Oakley, Amélie Patin, Claire Perret, Matthias Picard, Mathilde Poncet, Guy Pradel, Éloïse Rey, Mathieu Rotteleur, Agathe Senn, Tom de Pékin, Tom Vaillant, Clément Vuillier, Jennifer Yerkes.