Following the cancellation of the festival during the pandemic:

The show is reduced to its only local and regional dimension and moved to the Garage Coop.
The Drawing Dialogue is maintained like the exhibition by Marion Duval on the quays and a few others.

The Micronations exhibition is postponed to the next festival from March 18 to 28, 2021.
The Battlestar also.

You can consult the rest of the site to see in more detail what is canceled or postponed, do not hesitate to report any errors or problems.


It’s our birthday. In 2010 the association started its actions while its the 10th edition of this festival. It comes at a good time beside a great homage to Tomi Ungerer , the 5th edition of the Rencontres de l’illustration de Strasbourg celebrates young creators through us, the 10th birthday of Éditions 2024 and offers from museums, librairies, from the HEAR and the BNU. The university’s library, prussian palace of books recently renovated, will welcome under its cupola a collective exhibition with forty illustrators gathered through our ten years of history. The 10th Dialogue de dessins mixes the drawing of the well known illustrator from Nancy, Frédérique Bertrand, and the young graduate from the HEAR and author of comic books, Manon Debaye.
On the independant book fair back in the center of Strasbourg, Salle de la Bourse, we’ll find about thirty publishers and micropublishers from Lebanon, Slovenia, Belgium, France, from Grand Est or local.
The contest of illustration on beer (Meteor Pils) label is now on 75cL and the winner will win a prize of €1000, which will be given on the 28th of march at 07:00PM.
The association is made up of publishing collectives, illustrators and independent illustrators, actresses and cultural actors from Strasbourg and the Region Grand Est.
Since 2010, it has participated in the development and structuring of illustration, comics and contemporary drawing through the organization of events and the networking of energies at both local and European level. Since September 2015, it offers a professional consulting service: Central Vapeur Pro.

For further informations and contact : centralvapeur.org
Find us also on Facebook.

Télécharger le programme

Independant book fair postponed to 31 october & 1 november 2020


29 october 02:00PM – 08:00PM
8 november 02:00PM – 07:00PM
Free entrance !

Independent publishing is available in SMEs, associations, micro or self-publishing collectives. Whether it makes wished of rigor or is dedicated to chaos, it is in Alsace, France, and elsewhere, a privileged space of creative freedom. Youth albums, abstract drawings, delicate objects, silkscreened posters, comics fanzines or publications not to put in any hands, all the trends of the independent edition of the graphic arts are represented. We chose our guests with care: come meet them and discover their creations.
See the guests list


Admission is free, but if you want to buy books or posters, you can not do it in CB, payment by cash or checks only. If you do not want to buy anything, it does not stop you from flipping through, reading, asking questions, or participating in workshops.


Each publisher or collective present donates one of its editions to form a basket garnished which we must guess the weight. Make your bets at the Salon’s reception!
Result Sunday 1 november at 6:30pm, absentees will always be wrong.


1 november 05:00PM

Three reviewers present one of their favourite comic book and the public react.


Bar (coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer), snacks (knacks, pretzels)

Schedule :
Saturday : 02:00PM – 01:00AM
Sunday : 0:200PM – 07:00PM



31 october 07:00PM

Prize-giving ceremony of the contest Central Vapeur 10 with METEOR.

1st prize : Amédée Jean-Baptiste
2nd prize : Alix Videlier Design Studio
3rd prize : Tanià Manzanal

I’M 10 !

31 october 3:30PM

Prize-giving ceremony and presentation of a selection from the postal cards contest organised by the DAAC cultural action of Strasbourg’s Academy and Central Vapeur, addressed to junior and high school students. The theme was about the 10 years birthday.

CAKE CONTEST #4 postponed to CV 11 (18-28 march 2021)

?? march 06:00PM

Do you want to be famous ?
So show up with  your pie, your mignardise or your cake ! It will be sold at the bar to support Central Vapeur, but also tested and rated by our jury Mondo Zero. Top good, top beautiful, top original, top of the top. To win: editions and other surprises. Award ceremony at 6pm.



28 march : 02:30pm – 03:30pm
29 march : 02:00pm – 03:30pm

Go back with your drawn portrait, fake tattoos on your arms and a lot of other graphic surprises !
For everyone / free price !
Hosted by : Illustrators/volunteers of Central Vapeur


1 november 02:00pm – 04:00pm

From 7 to 15 years old / Free price
Hosted by :
Registration : on site + atelier@centralvapeur.org

L’HEURE DU CONTE postponed to CV11 (18-28 march 2021)

27 and 28 march 03:00pm and 04:00pm

Only available in French, sorry !

COMICS UNDER CONSTRUCTION postponed to CV11 (18-28 march 2021)

?? march 02:30pm – 05:00pm

Learn how to create a storyboard for a comics in one page. The workshop deals with the basis of comics.
From 15 years old / Free price
Hosted by : Stripburger

Registration : on site + atelier@centralvapeur.org