Illustration Eloise Rey Graphisme: CV

24 hours of illustration #4

25-26 october

LISAA Strasbourg

Central Vapeur will be at the graphic design school LISAA Strasbourg, for a new performance / residence / workshop in 24h with  thematic and technical constraints.

From Thursday, October 25 at 1 pm, to Friday, October 26 at 1 pm, about twenty illustrators, from Strasbourg in the Région Grand Est  and elsewhere, experienced professionals or students, will create relentlessly.
During the 24h, an hour of visit will allow the public to discover the work live, also broadcasted on An edition of the works will be produced on site and presented to the public at the same time as the exhibition of the original products, on Friday evening from 7 PM.

24h Fourth edition

The 24h illustration is inspired by the principle of 24 hours of comics, imported for the first time in Europe by Sylvain-Moizie Rondet from the Institut Pacôme in Strasbourg. The constraints (theme, format, number of images, colors, etc.) related to the 24h performance offer a new framework for illustrators.
Since 2015 this is the occasion of a work to lead to many, even if it is not completely collective. The limitation in time, the physical test are peculiar to the experimentation in the techniques but also in the way of thinking the work.
5 (former) students of LISAA, Higher Institute of Applied Arts which opens us its doors during the school holidays, come to reinforce the number of illustrators (trained at the HEAR, ESAL Epinal, Nancy or none of that) invited by Central Vapeur.  This edition willis organized by the illustrators and member of the DA of Central Vapeur Anne Laval and Eloise Rey, with the reinforcement of volunteers of Central Vapeur, teachers of LISAA and its direction. The belgian collective Cuistax will be in duplex on tumblr of the 24h from Brussels, the other capital of Europe, with a dozen illustrators.

Illustrators in Strasbourg:

Chloé Bertron, Théo Bilger, Emma Chevassu, Ella Coutance, Clémence Dupont, Julie Escoriza, Pierre Faedi, Baptiste Filippi, Philippe Gueneux, Célia Housset, Léonie Koelsch, Sophie Lécuyer, Alice Monvaillier ,Mathilde Poncet, Luca Tocco, Tino, Amandine Ueberschlag, Tom Vaillant, Adrien Weber.

In Brussels:

Lysiane Ambrosino, Cécile Barraud de Lagerie, Sylvain Brillault, Anne Brugni , Louis Chalumeau , Sarah Cheveau, Fanny Dreyer, Amélie Fenain, Hannah Lemahieu, Charlotte Lemaire, Quentin Masse,  Chloé Perarnau, Clémence Peyroche d’Arnaud, Juliette Romero, Pauline Sik, Giulia Vetri.