Festival Central Vapeur 14

Du 24 avril au 19 mai 2024

Coop Strasbourg Grand Est

For the first time, a French city has been designated World Book Capital by UNESCO, for a period of one year from 23 April 2024. That's why the Central Vapeur festival and Les Rencontres de l'Illustration are taking place so late. For this occasion, the visuals for the Festival and the Rencontres have been created by the same designer, our Lebanese star, Raphaelle Macaron. She will also be teaming up with illustrator Violaine Leroy in our main exhibition. Raphaelle Macaron is the star of this year's Mediterranean theme, and will be back at the Cosmos for a carte blanche screening of "Where is the friend house ?", a film she adapted into a comic strip. She will be joined by the Samandal collective, with a series of posters by Nour Hiffaoui and Karen Keyrouz, while other aspects of the Mediterranean world will be represented by illustrator Jesùs Cisneros, Komikaze, Millimbo, AlifBata, Le Port a jauni, Lök Zine and Fotokino. It will also be the Mer à Boire for Edition 2024 at their non-anniversary : a retrospective on the terrace of the Palais Rohan, a Blutch exhibition at the Cosmos (and a film evening), an evening at the Coop and the much-anticipated Revanche des bibliothécaires by Tom Gauld at the Studium and in the other libraries of the University of Strasbourg. Last but not least, young artists will be in the spotlight with exhibitions, concerts, professional meetings, workshops, mixes and drag shows in all kinds of venues.