©Samuel Bas

©Henning Wagenbreth

March 17 – 31

(Thu – Sun) 2pm – 7pm

Dialogue de dessins 12


Menuiserie Coop 4 rue de la coopérative
tram d : Port du Rhin

Opening Night March 26 at 7pm

When Berlin’s minister of digital cardboard illustration meets Strasbourg’s most expansive miniaturist, a storm of colors is born where angels fall on dogs. A robot angel, running out of kerosene, crashes into a dog’s house. Following this event, the characters wander through astonishing landscapes, in a world turned upside down.

In twenty drawings, the two humanoids exchange and return the ball, beside a vertical swimming pool or in front of a ruined hotel. While the characters evolve at the bend of a forest, a temple or a gas station, a new mythology takes shape. One thing is definite : something is not right.

By alternating points of view, the two illustrators play with perspectives, sometimes adopting the vision of one character, sometimes that of another, fully involving the viewer in their respective worlds.

Samuel bas and Henning Wagenbreth draw worlds that are inspired by their childhood (Legos, video games, or animated films), and mix innocence and grotesqueness. They sign a new and completely crazy drawn story !


After a childhood in the south of France, punctuated by the sound of petanque balls, Samuel Bas started studying graphic design at the EPSAA in Ivry sur Seine, then illustration at the HEAR in Strasbourg. Graduating in 2019, he began creating playful books and illustrations, inspired as much by the aesthetics of his toy collection as by animated films of the 1930s.


Professor of illustration and graphic design at the Berlin University of the Arts, he is published in the international press. Animator of the Ministerium für illustration, a Berlin gallery, he plays with powerful colors, typos, symbols and right angles as well as cubes to build a colourful universe declined in illustrated books, comics, posters, covers of Edgard Hilsenrath’s novels, paintings, installations and plastic mini-TV.

©Lisa Ottenburgh
©Lisa Ottenburgh

©Rachid Oumar

march 17 -31
(THU – Sun) 2pm – 7pm


Menuiserie Coop 4 rue de la Coopérative
tram D : Port du Rhin

Finishing night March 26 at 7pm

Last of the exhibitions of the Europe Creative Invisible Lines project, Borders brings together black and white prints and large format color originals by twenty illustrators. Their lines intersect on the borders crossed by three refugees who delivered their stories and sometimes their images.

Conducted over three years with twelve young illustrators from nine European countries and supported by four European structures, INVISIBLE LINES: Borders is the result of the workshop and the 24h of illustration conducted in Strasbourg in the summer of 2021.

Central Vapeur chose borders as its theme. With the help of active volunteers at the Bernanos Center, the association collected the testimonies of three refugees. Rachid Oumar, 20 years old, passed through four or five borders from Africa to Europe before being welcomed in Strasbourg and then finding a job in the West. Wali iscen fled Kurdistan a long time ago, before opening his pizzeria in Strasbourg. A. refuses to have his name revealed after having escaped a forced marriage.

It is from these testimonies that the twelve artists selected by invisible Lines have drawn their works, joined by two mentors – Yvan Algabé and José Muñoz -, and then by five illustrators from Strasbourg during the 24h of illustration.

How to tell these stories, what place to hold or take, without speaking in the place of? Some of the originals presented have not undergone the filters of the story since they are the memories of Rachid Oumar, who drew in turn during the 24 hours.


Atelier Terrains Vagues


• For the Borders Workshop : Yvan Alagbé (FR) / Omar Cheikh (IT) / Clara Chotil (FR) / Bim Eriksson (SU) / Lode Herregods (BE) / Lucie Lučanská (CZ) / Katarzyna Miechowicz (PL) / José Muñoz (AR) / Mia Oberländer (DE) / Lisa Ottenburgh (BE) / Elena Pagliani (IT) / Léopold Prudon (FR) / Marco Quadri (IT) / Barbora Satranská (CZ).

• For the 24h : Quentin Bohuon / Garance Coquart-Pocztar / Julia Frechette / Salomé Garraud / Rachid Oumar / Erwan Surcouf.

©Photo Marie Secher

March 17
4pm – 6pm


In the streets of Strasbourg

Forty micronations, created by as many illustrators, will parade through the streets of Strasbourg to open this 12th edition of the Festival.

This year, five new artists have created their own, and their illustrations have been added to the original 2020 collection, created for our tenth anniversary. The parade in the urban space will end at the 5e Lieu for the inauguration of Henning Wagenbreth’s exhibition as part of the Rencontres de l’illustration.

March 17 mars – April 15

elizabeth holleville, poster route : immonde !  

Quai des Bateliers

Signing session

March 19 11 to 3:30 PM at the bookshop Ca va buller
March 19 at 3.30 PM at the bookshop Le tigre

This new poster trail takes passers-by on a journey of discovery of Elizabeth Holleville’s new comic book, for a Vosges twilight on the borders of reality. The plates in this exhibition are taken from Immonde! a comic book by Elizabeth Holleville published by Glénat in 2021.

We will find in these images the traces of the Strasbourg years of the author recently settled in Marseille. Passed to the poster format, selected and reorganized by the author, her plates content a story whose passers-by must fill the holes, including the most disturbing!

Welcome to Morterre, a small fictional town in the Vosges. Stroll through its pretty little streets with rich houses, visit its typical Alsatian Christmas market or take a deep breath of fresh air in its large forests of fir trees… But above all, don’t venture near its last active factory, the monumental Agemma, in which a highly radioactive ore is dug up every day. Otherwise… Who knows what monstrous discoveries you will make there!

Born in 1988 in Nantes, graduate of the Estienne school and a master of comics in Angoulême, Elizabeth Holleville participates at the end of the school in various fanzines and magazines (Biscoto, La Corde rouge, etc.), before publishing in 2018 the comic book L’Été fantôme at Glénat. Alongside her work as an author, she produces illustrations and comics commissioned (L’Évolution de l’homme, published by Casterman or Le Rhume published by Milan)

March 1 – 31

(THUE – SAT) 9am – 6pm


Avila (2nd floor lounge) 69 rue des Grandes Arcades
tram A+D : Langstross

Finissage March 29 at 7pm

Ghosts, actors, musicians, funny mushrooms… It is a whole troop that accompanies Lisa Blumen.

The exhibition brings together original felt-tip drawings by the illustrator, from a series on theater and her book The Truth About Ghosts. Born in 1994 in Roubaix and graduated from the HEAR in Strasbourg, Lisa Blumen’s drawing practice alternates between children’s albums, comics (such as the apocalyptic Avant l’oubli), commissions for the press and micro-publishing projects.

March 21 – 31

(MON, THUE, THUR, WED) 4pm-7pm

(WED, SAT, SUN) 10am – 12am / 1 pm – 7pm


Atelier demi-douzaine 4 quai finkmatt
tram b+c+f : Broglie

Finissage March 31st at 7pm

At 4 quai Finkmatt, something strange has happened… The vegetation seems to have taken over in the workshop, spring is surely for something. Let your curiosity be piqued and dive through the vegetation that frames the entrance. Step into this small garden that will make you feel as small as a ladybug. Around you, stories unfold as you wander through the garden and discover some of its secrets. An exhibition designed for families and children from 6 years old.

March 17 – 31

Amandine Meyer & Marie Mirgaine, La Forêt parle et les chiens poussent

window of the bouquinette 28 rue des Juifs
tram a+d : étoile bourse

signing session March 19 at 3pm

A soft and tempting house, some chattering branches, characters with pastel outlines; this is how a soft, tender and strange world is woven between the work of Amandine Meyer and Marie Mirgaine. During the festival, the two artists and illustrators will invest the window of La Bouquinette with a selection of collages and watercolors. Through this mini exhibition, they wish to share some handmade images, in the meticulousness of their respective techniques. It’s also an opportunity to bring their illustrations to life in a way that is not possible with books.

March 17 – March 31
(Wed-Sun) 2-7pm

Baptiste Filippi, Observation sur les mites

Orée 85, 32 impasse de l’écluse
tram a+d : étoile bourse

Opening March 19 at 7 PM

Visual artist, illustrator, photographer and insatiable jack-of-all-trades, Baptiste Filippi tackles old books. Contemporary illustration is mixed with heritage in this exhibition.

Of all the apterans and insects in general, moths are the smallest. Very few species of this genus, which are very numerous, are distinguished by their size and offer themselves to the viewer. Observation on moths is a meticulous investigation, guided by the bibliophile Anne Vaudrey. A dive into a selection of old works, from books of emblems, the character of passions, the first children’s manuals, or the memoirs of a Burgundian explorer in exile.

March 17-31

Quentin Hell

Baraka Jeux 6 place de l’homme de fer
tram a+d : étoile bourse

opening on March 20th at 4pm, with Quentin Hell and the Disto Studio team, presentation of the game Ephios and signing sessions

Artist from Strasbourg, Quentin Hell has a particular affinity for the representation of science fiction universes. He uses his stroke to tell stories that are dear to him, using bright colors and machine characters. You can see his work in the board game Ephios, the result of a year and a half of work with the publisher Disto Studio and the author Cyril Wadri, independent video games (Don’t Forget Me, The Corruption Within, Blood Nova), comics (Equinoxe, collaborative work) and more personal illustrations.

March 15 – July 15


Locked Grooves 10 place des halles
tram a+d : ancienne synagogue les halles

opening March 22 at 6 pm

An exhibition proposed by gallerylac.eu.
An imaginary and sonorous journey to South-East Asia, the exhibition presents works (drawings, woodcarvings, embroidery) conceived as prototypes out of scale (5/1) with a view to the production – in limited series – of a manufactured object. This project is the third part of a series entitled by the artist “derived models”. After an embroidered patch and a vinyl, this time it will be an audio cassette.

March 17- 31


Vitrine de LISAA 1 rue Thiergarten
tram b+f : Alt Winmärik

From the smallest dot to the largest format
Simple fanzines or complex posters with more images than text
Perhaps it will be necessary to take a step back
or get closer
Behind the glass there will be the other side of the scene What we do not see when we hold a book in our hands
a book in his hands

Elie Partouche is multi-talented :
his practice touches on comics, graphic design, print and code. Since 2017, he runs the micro-publishing house Passe en Profondeur.

Grand Est


Feb 26 – April 6
(Thu-Sat) 2-6pm

Gianpaolo Pagni, Flore, Faune et Foot

galerie modulab 28 rue mazelle

For Gianpaolo Pagni, the exploration of motifs and signs is part of a fundamental notion of his work, that of memory and remembrance. For his third solo exhibition at Modulab Galery, a set of works from the latest research of the artist will be present with the edition of a new multiple.

©Fanette Meillier – Photo : Marc Domage

in Chaumont
May 27, 2021 – March 31, 2022
(Wed – Sun) 14H – 18H

Le Signe – Centre National du graphisme 1 place Emile Goguenheim

Fanette Mellier, feuilles volantes

The exhibition presents a decade of publishing work outside of what is known as the “classic” commission. The graphic designer is either the author or the initiator of these works. The graphical choice for the layout of each of these books raises questions: is the graphic designer not an “author” in the background?

Etienne Mineur & la maison d’édition Volumique, Les petits spécimens 6 – jouable

For more than ten years, Volumique’s work has been establishing links and connections between universes, types of objects or gestures. Between the tangible and the digital, the development of new types of games and books explores the potential of materials and technologies that are not usually seen together.

March 26 – May 29
(Tue-Sun) 11H-17H

LiKa NüSSLi, Im Taumel

Cartoonmuseum st. alban-vorstadt 28 basel / suisse
tram 1 : Division de Fer

Opening March 25 at 6:30 pm. Reduced admission upon presentation of your Central Vapeur membership card!

Lika Nüssli is one of the best known and most active designers in the contemporary Swiss art scene.

Anchored in narrative art, she observes and experiments with various art forms such as drawing, illustration, comics and painting. For example, one will be able to discover graphic reports and travel drawings that often have as their theme the repression and status of women.