Show your work, host workshops …
Show your work, host workshops ...

How to apply to Central Vapeur ?

You would like to get a stand during the Salon, show an exhibition, organize a workshop, participate to a talk ? Get published by Central Vapeur ? Be featured during Format(s) graphic design festival ?
Here we will explain how it all works and how to submit your application.

Getting a stand : your options during the Salon

Art Direction v/s direct applications :

All small/micro-publishers are selected by the Art Direction committee, starting in may. We don’t have an open call, as we already struggle to decide who to invite out of all the candidates in our radar. Still, you’re welcome to contact the A.D., to apply or send suggestions : info (at) central vapeur .org

If you are applying, send in a link to your work or attach a .pdf file (5 Mo max). Remember we are an illustration, comic books, graphic design oriented festival : we don’t have room for other medias. If you apply as a group (with a collective, an organization, etc.), you’ll have more chances, instead of individual applications. And don’t forget to also send a description of your collective and what you do.


International collectives and publishing houses are selected in May or June for the following year’s (ex: May/June 2024 for 2025 festival).

If we have not reached out to you in July, it is because it’s not your time (yet) : maybe in the next years !

The guests have to switch each year : we try to renew the program every festival, so if you were invited once, there is no automatic invitation for the next year (but if we really liked you, we will invite you again in the future).

Vue du salon des indépendant·es 2023.
Photos : ©Alicia Gardès
Vue du salon des indépendant·es 2023.
Photos : ©Alicia Gardès

Produce an exhibition, participate to a talk, host a workshop during the festival

Same as before : the A.D. will select the exhibitions projects in June for the next year. The talks and workshops are decided in October : if, by then, you have not heard from us, it’s because the program is set.

However, suggestions or submissions are welcome : write to info (at) central vapeur .org

Exposition “Monstresses” de Christelle Diale en 2023.
Photos : ©Alicia Gardès

Get published by Central Vapeur

Yep, we do publish books occasionally, but only catalogs of our exhibitions, or books related to our professional support service.
It’s useless to ask about getting your work published by us : we simply don’t do that.

Applications for Format(s) graphic design festival

You are on the wrong page !
Go to Format(s) official website. They have their own Art Direction, which works about the same way as ours (no open call, selections decided in december for the following festival in october of the next year).

Host a workshop

You would like to organise or faciliate a workshop, give art classes, or just work with the public ? Central Vapeur provides mediation between artists and organisation, schools, community centers, etc.

This service is available only for Central Vapeur Pro members : once you register, we collect information about your skills, experience and availability, and we communicate about opportunities.

Illustration and graphic design jobs…

Most of our members are illustrators and graphic designers, we are therefore almost never short of skilled people for these kind of needs. However, if you are a member of the organisation and have any of the following skills : graphic recording, murals, etc. … Please let us know !

You would like to volunteer ?

Here’s where you can find out how: let’s go ! (In French, Eng. version coming soon!)