24h of illustration #5

9-10 july 2021

Garage Coop

The 24h event is back home this year! For a change of scenery, we have the 12 participants of the Invisible Lines project from all over Europe. The theme: crossing borders, young refugees will draw alongside the illustrators.

From friday 9 July at 1pm to saturday 10 July at 1pm, twenty illustrators from Europe, Strasbourg, the Limousin and elsewhere, living legends, experienced professionals and students, will create non-stop.
During these 24 hours, one hour of visit will be dedicated friday to allow the public to discover their work live. The rest of the event will be broadcasted on 24h-illustration.tumblr.com and Instagram The final works will be presented to the public at the same time as the exhibition of the original productions, on saturday evening from 6pm to 10pm.

Fifth edition

The 24h of illustration is a declination of the 24h of comics. The constraints (theme, format, number of images, colours, etc.) associated with the performance of the 24h offer a new framework to illustrators.
It is an opportunity to work together, even if it is not completely collective. Time limit and the physical challenges are specific to the experimentation in techniques but also in the way of thinking about the work.
To the twelve young graduates who came from nine European countries to follow the Invisible Lines Strasbourg workshop with their mentor Yvan Algabé , we add our own selection: Erwan Surcouf, Garance Coquart, Antoinette Metzger, Quentin Bohuon and Salomé Garraud.
With the theme of Crossing Borders, our contribution to the exploration of the Invisible Lines, we had the will to involve refugees who will participate in the 24 hours in the same way as the illustrators. (Their complicated situation makes this participation uncertain).

At the helm of this edition are the illustrators Anne Laval, Violaine Leroy, Célia Housset and Éloïse Rey, with the support of volunteers and employees of Central Vapeur. And further afield, in the mountains of the Sudetenland and the holds of the European liner, our friends from the Cini Foundation, the Hamelin association and the Baobab publishing house.

Leopold Prudon, Clara Chotil, (FR) Bim Eriksson (SU), Mia Oberländer (DE), Marco Quadri, Elena Pagliani et  Omar Cheikh (IT), Lisa Ottenburgh et Lode Herregods (BE), Barbora Satranská et Lucie Lučanská (CZ) Katarzyna Miechowicz (PL). Yvan Alagbé . Erwan Surcouf, Garance Coquart, Antoinette Metzger, Quentin Bohuon, Julia Frechette et Salomé Garraud (CV).

2 rue de la Coopérative / Bus 2 (Capitainerie), Tram F (Place d’Islande) et D (Port du Rhin)
One hour visit  9/07, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM
Vernissage-restitution saturday 10/07, 6 to 10PM