Illustration: Caroline Gamon et Cachete Jack Design: Central Vapeur

The Central Vapeur 6 Festival programme in short

9th to 20th of march 2016

Central Vapeur's annual rendezvous has now changed to march and we're starting as we plan to continue, it's over for the old December date. We are now active contributors to the Rencontres de l'Illustration/Illustration Encounters taking place for the first time this year in Strasbourg from the 9-20th march, in association with the HEAR, les Musées de Strasbourg and the Médiathèques network. Discover the many exhibitions and events being proposed by our partners sharing the various festival spaces around the city with us, a pdf can be downloaded here: Among those who will be rubbing shoulders during the festival are Caroline Gamon (see Fit To Print) and Cachete Jack whose hand-drawn dialogue can be seen at La Semencerie, numerous examples of small press publications to be seen at the Indie Publishers Fair (see Franc Tireurs), children's illustration by Marion Duval at Arachnima and the group exhibition On The Trail Of Daniel Boone by Rojankovsky (see Lectorama and Exotiques) at the Maison de la Région, contemporary art in the graphic work's of the Berlin-based duo Re:Surgo! on show at the Jean-François Kaiser Gallery (see Rétrospective Bongoût). Central Vapeur also includes workshops, music, talks and the Battlestar… In anticipation of a larger, regional Festival in 2017, this year's event is more European than ever with Blood Becomes Water from Bulgaria, Notary editions from Switzerland, Cachete Jack from Spain, RE:Surgo! from Germany, Print About Me from Italy, Anorak from the UL and Kuš ! from Latvia. All about Central Vapeur 6 (in french sorry) Programme 11/03 at 6.00 pm – exhibition opening. Gfeller / Hellsgard – Galerie Jean-François Kaiser 12/03 at 6.00 pm – exhibition opening. Atelier du Bain aux Plantes 12/03 at 8.30 pm – Battlestar – Star Saint-Exupéry 15/03 at 6.00 pm – exhibition opening. Marie Mirgaine + Loïc Urbaniak – SOCOPOF/Diamant d’or 16/03 at 6.00 pm – apéritif-book signings-exhibition. Marion Duval – Arachnima 16/03 at 7.00 pm – opening exhibition. Zuper – Troc’afé 17/03 at 6.00 pm – opening exhibition. Sur la Piste de Daniel BooneMaison de la Région 18/03 at 9.30 am – pro session: publishing structures – Maison de la Région 18/03 at 6.00 pm – opening exhibition. Cachete Jack + Caroline Gamon – La Semencerie 18/03 6.00 - 10.30 pm – Indie Publishers Fair – Salle des colonnes 18/03 9.30 pm - 0.30 am – DJs Sandy Sandals + Micka – Troc’afé 19/03 2.00 - 10.30 pm – Indie Publishers Fair + Discussions + Make Your Own Stickers workshop, Les Ombres – Salle des Colonnes 19/03 at 9.30 pm – Concert Bang Bang Cock CockAnnée Zéro + Kkkristin Ashley Tomson VIII – Le Snooker 20/03 2.00 pm -7.30 pm – Indie Publishers Fair  + Discussions + Tetrapack workshop, Papier Gâchette + Guess The Weight contest – Salle des Colonnes   INDIE PUBLISHER FAIR (free entrance) Guest publishers : Cachete Jack (ESP – Valence) Les 3 ourses (Paris) Lagon (Paris – Hautes Alpes) Re:surgo! (ALL) L’Agrume (Paris) Blood Becomes Water (BUL – Sofia) Anorak (UK – Londres) Print About Me (ITA – Turin) Kuš! (LET – Riga) Notari (SUI – Genève) Atelier McLane (Rennes) Arrache toi un œil (Paris) Rebond (Paris) Local publishers : GargarismesPochette souvenir Parlez-moi d’amourÉditions 2024ZuperÉditions ProcheBiscotoCercle MagazineLa Tribune du Jelly RodgerTardigradeMekanik Copulaire L’AmourEina!/Fidèle édition Papier Gâchette logo2016-res