Festival Central Vapeur 13

16 march — 2 april 2023

Coop, Strasbourg, Grand Est

The theme of the "Rencontres de l'Illustration" that frames our festival, "Women, identities, visibilities", is concentrated here under the term Visibles, which has served as a red thread. Our emblematic exhibition associates the Belgian artist Dominique Goblet and the Cameroonian Nygel Panasco, who is also known under this name for her solo concerts. The poster exhibition on the docks features characters of often undefined gender from Joseph Levacher's comic strip La Légende des Champs de Feu published by Magnani this fall. Also to be followed is the exhibition and meeting at the Bouquinette with the illustrator Célia Housset around her book published by the inclusive edition On Ne Compte Pas Pour du Beurre, that of Christelle Diale at the Oiseau Rare, Mona Granjon at Demi-douzaine. Visible as well as almost non-existent Les Scrunchies, a rock band imagined by Clara Hervé whose universe will be to discover (and to hear?) at l'Orée 85. Well hidden is the basement exhibition of Betonite, the most underground collective west of the Rhine. On the 2nd floor with a street corner, the exhibition of Simon Burger and Inès Rousset at the Avila hairdresser and we are promised surprises with the creator of the Sauroctones, Erwann Surcouf at the Le Tigre bookshop.

Some dates :

16/03: Parade of the kakemonos of the illustrated micronations in the streets of Strasbourg (With the new kakemonos of : Clémence Ferrando, Pauline Morel, Erwann Surcouf, Elisabeth Pich (DE/USA) and Émilie Plateau) 17/03 : Battlestar at Star cinema 24/03: Love Boat 24/03: Meeting with Dominique Goblet and Nygel Panasco and opening of the Dialogue de dessins at La Menuiserie - concert at La Basse Cour des Miracles 25-26/03: Independant Book Fair, with animations and conferences

Publishers and collectives of the Fair :

Seed Magazine (UK) - Frankenstein (IT) - Aristide (CH) - Frémok (FR/BE) - Papayep Zine - Réalistes - Fidèle - Zitrance - Men Only - La Déferlante - La Partie - L'Ennui - Péril Repli - Kinaye - Pain perdu - FRED - Éditions du Crime - Gargarismes - On ne Compte Pas Pour du Beurre - Comme des Garces - 2024 - Miels - Next Revel - Les Rhubarbus - Nef des Fous - Betonite- 3œil - Basse Cour des Miracles - Atelier du Parc - Zygène. And more things to follow...