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The Association Central Vapeur is made up of a number of publishing collectives, self-publishers, cultural groups in Strasbourg and the Alsace region.
Since 2010, it has participated in the development and organising of numerous events to promote illustration, comics, graphic novels and contemporary drawing, to establish a creative network both at a local and european level. Since September 2015 Central Vapeur offers professional advice through its service Central Vapeur PRO.
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The festival will shortly be celebrating its last christmas before a change of season in 2016 to a new date in march.
There will also be some changes to the various locations used during the Festival as the redevelopment of the former Friche Laiterie / Hall des Chars site has led us to seek alternative spaces. Consequently, The Drawing Dialogue / Dialogue de Dessins between Tom de Pékin and Pierre Faedi will be taking place in the black-room that the Kafteur has kindly lent us for the occasion. October Tone will be organising this year’s concerts just a stone’s throw away from the Salles des Colonnes where the Festival will continue to be held.
Guests include : our old friends l’Articho and Les Requins Marteaux, Kiblind magazine and a venture into their graphic world, children’s book publishers Les Fourmis Rouges, Bülb Comix’s box in a box, the rebels from Lyon Mauvaise Foi, Collection review’s exacting selection of contemporary drawing… on the home front, 2024 will be parading their stars, alongside left-field publishers Papier Gâchette, new faces and old, familiar ones like l’Institut Pacôme who’s farewell we will be wishing on sunday.
As for exhibitions, there will be plenty to discover, Violaine Leroy’s graphic novels, Delphine Harrer and Anna McKeir’s tattoo parlour, and a full programme of pro sessions and discussions taking place at the Maison de la Region. As for the next round of Battlestar Drawings we ask you to wait just a bit longer until the 12th of March and next year’s successor CV6, that runs from 10 to 20 March 2016.

salon des indépendants

6 – 10.30 pm (fri 11)
2 pm – 2.30 am (sat 12)
2 – 7.30 pm (sun 13)
Salle des colonnes – 10 rue du Hohwald
Ancienne Friche Laiterie – tram B+F : Laiterie

Independant publishing comes in many forms, from small publishing houses to collectives and self-publishers, from slickly-run operations to set-ups bordering on chaos. In Alsace, France and further afield, it is a form of expression that bounds in creativity. Children’s picture books, abstract drawing, fine objects, silk-screened posters, zines, comix, all the current trends in independent publishing are represented here. We have chosen our guests with care : come and meet them and discover their creations.
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This year’s drawing competition is on the theme of Central Bank. Open to artists of all ages, there is only one rule, that the drawing must be done on a simple sheet of white A4 paper. A selection of the best entries will be on show at the entrance to the Fair, Salle des Colonne. The prizes will be given out on Sunday at 6 pm.
The prizes will be given out on Sunday at 6 pm.


The exhibitors will be donating one of their fine wares to fill a basket whose weight is then guessed. Place your bets at the Fair reception, the closest guess wins the basketful of goodies!
The winner will be announced on Sunday at 6 pm, les absents auront toujours tort.


Bar (coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer), Snacks (hot dogs, pretzels).


12-13 DEC
Salle des colonnes – 10 rue du Hohwald – former Friche Laiterie tram B+F : Laiterie



Papier gâchette will be running a postcard making workshop using letterpress and lino printing.
Open to all ages
Places can be booked at
Saturday 12 from 2.30-18. pm


Chamo, from l’Articho will be running a workshop based on an idea by Anouk Richard, Delphine la Sardine et Laurent Hart. Children are invited to complete the pack and draw their own family on the blank cards supplied. Design a pack of cards that matches family life as we know it today. Step, mixed, single, gay, traditional. Fun for all the family!  12.50€ (cost of 1 pack of cards).
Places must be booked in advance (10 children per workshop) to
12.50€ (cost of 1 pack of cards)
Sunday 13 from 2.30 – 4.30 pm.